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This morning I find that my email inbox, Twitter feed, and Facebook status updates are flooded with the words “Black Friday”. Every office supply store I’ve ever ordered from, in addition to the pet store where I buy dog food and even local non-profits trying to sell more memberships, would like me to take advantage of their HUGE SALES today.

While I am not opposed to saving some money on things that might normally be out of reach, there are other things that need our time, attention, and – yes – money this weekend.

You see, tucked between emails from the retail stores this morning was a message from Kickstarter – you know, the fundraising website where we are working to raise money for our pilot episode of Flummox & Friends – and what that email told us was that we crossed a major milestone this morning: 299 generous backers have now pledged $25,025 towards our $30,000 goal. That, readers, is amazing!

We have exactly 14 days – just two weeks! – to raise $5,000. If we make it, we will be able to shoot the pilot episode of this hilarious, live-action show designed for the quirky kids in our lives to see characters they can relate to — bright, interesting people who find themselves confused and confounded by social situations and the rules that govern them. Perhaps you’ve struggled like this, or someone who passed you the gravy yesterday still does. But if we don’t raise this last $5,000 in the next 14 days, we will not get any of the money. That is how Kickstarter works.

For more information on the show, visit our website or come on over here and take a look at this summary of what people around the web are saying about Flummox & Friends.

I encourage readers to consider our little project – which some have referred to as the Little Project That Could – on this Black Friday. Because we need your help to make it happen – and we suspect you’ll feel especially good about Black Friday if you share a little of your hard-earned money helping Professor Flummox, Wanda, and Milo come to life.

C’mon over – watch our video and help us out today.

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