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There is an excellent post today at the Change.org web site, written by Emily Willingham, the mother of a child with Asperger’s.  Emily writes regularly on her own blog (“A Life Less Ordinary”) about life with her three sons, all of whom are gifted, adorable, and have unique learning differences.  In this particular post for Change.org, Emily describes in detail how the Circle of Friends program works and how she used it to help her second grade son’s classmates understand him better.  Circle of Friends has been very successful for her child and I highly recommend you check out this post if you have ever wondered how to talk to your child’s classmates and their families about a child’s differences.

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Some of you may already know about the wonderful blog Autism Games by Tahirih Bushey, SLP, but in case you don’t, we’d like to send you on over to check it out!  There are some posts that are particularly relevant to many of our clients just this week – for example, “Being a Translater for a Child with ASD“, “The Ducks Go Marching Two By Two“, and “Eric and I Look for Mommy“.  There is also a fabulous piece that was posted on March 9 that is untitled and I was unable to link to it, but it’s a true example of what following a child’s lead in order to get engagement started.

I hope you’ll check out these and some of the other excellent posts!

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