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Musicophilia, written by Dr. Oliver Sacks, is a fascinating look at the connection between music and humans. Presented in a series of case studies and observations, Dr. Sacks offers discussion and insight into the often mysterious power of music. For those of us who work with children, we don’t have to look much further than “the clean up” song to see this power in action…

A professor of neurology and psychiatry, Dr. Sacks explores the neurological impact music has on our brains. He asks thought provoking questions and does his best to explore the potential answers to them.  He clearly supports his thoughts and ideas by providing examples from his research and clinical experience.

I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in humans or music or both!

For more information, you might want to check out the information on the companion website to the NOVA program “Musical Minds” that aired on June 30.

Check back for a more detailed review as well as some thoughts on the interconnectedness of music and language…

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We are happy to read today that Autism Speaks has granted more than 3.8 million dollars for autism treatment research projects.  This is great news from an organization that has traditionally funded autism cause research.  Here is the list of recipients, along with an abstract for each treatment project.

One of our favorite autism treatment experts, Dr. Pamela Wolfberg of San Francisco State University, has been  awarded $444,420 over 3 years to study “the effectiveness of IPG [Integrated Play Groups] in developing social skills in autistic children and in raising awareness of autism in typical peers”.  If you have not read any of Dr. Wolfberg’s books, we highly recommend them.

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